Full Version: Portland Schools Exceed Price range By $ 1.7 Million
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Unavoidable Increases for Portland Schools

OConnor stated that the deficit was regrettable but unavoidable. Federal and state education mandates, improved uti...

Superintendent of Portland Public Schools, Mary Jo OConnor announced that the Portland Schools have exceeded their $81.7 budget by about 2%. This is in spite of $500,000 in cuts created in Could of 2006. OConnor explained that the elevated investing was due to variables beyond the control of Portland Schools officials.

Unavoidable Increases for Portland Schools

OConnor stated that the deficit was regrettable but unavoidable. Federal and state education mandates, enhanced utility costs, and collective bargaining agreements were cited as causes of the enormous deficit. Portland Schools has observed important increases in power charges and wellness insurance coverage fees because the budget was 1st approved. Portland Schools say that all looked excellent with the budget till the finish of May 2007, when forecasts projected the year-finish deficit. What happened?

In the fall of 2006 the Portland Schools approved the hiring of over 7 new Special Education positions to fulfill state and federal mandates. Also, in November the Portland Schools Committee approved a collective bargaining contract at three%, rather than the projected 2.5%. Meeting Space includes more concerning the inner workings of it. The figures show that Portland Schools spent an added $625,000 meeting the Specific Education requirements. That number incorporates transportation services and out-of-district costs. The collective bargaining increases added an further $675,000 to the Portland Schools spending budget. Electrical energy increases, greater than expected bus upkeep, and improved wellness insurances expenses added up to $625,000. Finally, the expense of purchasing software program to comply with updated requirements from the Maine Department of Education added $80,000 to the Portland Schools price range. Balanced with beneath spent funds the district ended up overspending about $1.7 million.

Mandates Trigger Deficit for Portland Schools

The Portland Schools have been challenged to use current funds to meet No Child Left Behind mandates along with district and state polices. When the Portland Schools committee initially voted to minimize the spending budget by $500,000 in April of 2006, there was expected debate more than exactly where to make the cuts. Click contains more concerning the meaning behind it. Reductions resulted the following areas: professional services $30,000 transportation and travel expenditures $85,000 books and supplies $165,000 oil and all-natural gas conservation measures $65,000 audiovisual and computer supplies $65,000 and deferred capital equipment purchases $60,000.

In spite of the publicity over the exceeded budget, the Portland Schools have noticed a lot of good outcomes outcome from modifications more than the last handful of years. The Maine Initiative requiring all students to take the SATs in their junior years raised the bar for graduation needs. And the Maine system that supplies Apple laptop computers to middle school students has been widely successful. Nevertheless, the Portland Schools will face elevated pressure to insure that the price range numbers are aligned for the coming school year. According to the Superintendent, It is now our task, on behalf of our students, parents and taxpayers to balance the realities of restricted monetary resources with the goal of providing good quality education.. My brother discovered office space for rent portland by browsing webpages.The Professional Collective
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